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Light Art Photography by Gus Mercerat




Program Startrail for Mac and Windows



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Many times when we do a Startrail, where there is much light pollution, and make the exposure, for example 60 minutes or so, and we can not do it in one take, maybe we have ...

Exposing my Technique - Exponiendo mi Técnica

Exposing my technique, at the First International Conference of night photography and LAPP 2012, in Madrid, Spain.


Exponiendo mi técnica, en la Primera conferencia internacional de Fotografía Noct...

How to make a dome - Como hacer un domo

In my second tutorial on how to make a dome with strips of LEDs, there are many types of LED strips, I recommend that they buy the remote to control lights, in this case, I used a remote control, I di...

How to make an different Orb - Como hacer una esfera diferente


This is my first tutorial to make a sphere, the method is simple and uncomplicated. The hardest thing is to adapt the strip of LEDs 220 v AC connector DC 12 V batteries, splice the red wire to the ...