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A new App for Photographers

April 22, 2013

Hello friends, in this occasion I want to present this excellent and complete app for night photographers for IOS, is called





An ALL-IN-ONE solution. It is not just another app for photographers. It is a complete solution. Another kind of photo app!

Map-Centric Natural Light Planner - Photo Plannings Manager - Location Scouting - 10.500 Locations - Sun, Moon Finder - Shadows - Obstacles - Sun, Moon, Twilights, Magic Hours Info - Sun, Moon, Milky Way, Celestial Equator, Polaris, Circumpolar Stars 3D Augmented Reality (AR) Viewer - Sunrise, Sunset Calendar - Moon Calendar - Perigees, Apogees - Time Lapse, Star Trails, Spot Stars, Long Exposure Calculators - Direct, Inverse Advanced Depth of Field Calculator- DoF, Hyperfocal Table - Direct, Inverse Field of View, Subject Distance, Focal Length Match Calculators - DoF, FoV 3D AR Viewers - Complete User Guide.





Pills: Planner, sun, moon, exposure, DoF (classic, advanced, table), hyperfocal table, FoV (classic, focal length match, subject distance), night (night AR, star trails, spot stars) and time lapse.







My stuff: plannings, points of interest and settings.




Learn: help and about.


Get the creative control over your shots.

A challenge to your imagination! Free your mind, be Creative!

Everybody has a creative side. PhotoPills will help bring that creativity out in you, all with a fun, innovative, and beautiful design.

Imagine + Plan + Shoot Formula.

The app that helps you turn your ideas into reality.

Master sun, moon, milky way, circumpolar and celestial equator composition.

It’s all about one thing: SHOOTING LEGENDARY PHOTOS! 

Pay attention to detail!

Get it right! Visualize the shot before you take it with the 3D AR Viewers. Adjust your frame for the best composition before you shoot. Use the 3D AR Viewers to visualize whether the sun, moon, celestial equator, Polaris, Milky Way will be at the desired position at the time of pressing the shutter. (PLANNER AR, SUN AR, MOON AR, NIGHT AR).

Control sharpness and framing.


Have it done, Work smarter, not harder!

Your personal assistant in all photographic matters. PhotoPills provides convenient ways to help professionals and amateurs calculate some of the most needed camera settings.

Easily plan and shoot the following photos and time lapses: (PLANNER/FIND OPTION)

A full moon setting under a secret stone arch

A sunrise between two giant rocks located on a magic beach

A sunset over the main street in your hometown

A dramatic full moon appearing from behind a nearby hill.

An awesome Circumpolar Star Trails just over a talayotic settlement.

Spectacular Celestial equator star trails.

A many more you imagine. Just decide where you want the sun or the moon to be and calculate the exact date and time when it happens.

Calculate in seconds if the moon or the sun will be where you want it to be (PLANNER/FIND OPTION).

Avoid frustrations! reduce trial and error and therefore save time and money. No matter how many ideas you have, quickly calculate whether the photo is possible or not. Avoid wasting your precious time in useless research work. (PLANNER/FIND OPTION)

Manage your plannings. Never waste an unmissable scene again. Create a To-Do list of planned photos and get to the location on time. (PLANNINGS)


Focus on creativity; leave the calculations to us, the math nerds. Predict sun, moon, celestial equator, Milky Way, Polaris … and calculate time lapse settings - equivalent long exposures - star trails simulations – max. exposure time to get stars as spots - settings for a desired level of sharpness - lens selection, subject distance for a desired framing - min. distance to subject to capture it - equiv. lens focal Length to produce same FoV.

Oriented to get results as fast as possible.

Oriented to visualize your calculations in augmented reality. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine what a number means. PhotoPills has been designed to show it to you through the 3D AR Viewers. Examples:


Once you've done all the DoF calculations that gives you the desired depth of field effect, use the AR view to visualize and measure in situ the following distances: subject distance, DoF near limit, DoF far limit and hyperfocal distance.


For a given camera, focal length, subject distance and camera orientation, you can visualize in augmented reality what you would capture in the photo. Tap on the screen and position your frame where you want. Reduce trial and error. Make sure you take the photo you want.

Visualize the shot before you take it with the 3D AR Viewers. Adjust your frame for the best composition before you shoot. Use the 3D AR Viewers to visualize whether the sun, moon, celestial equator, Polaris, Milky Way will be at the desired position at the time of pressing the shutter.

Have fun.

Live and capture unique moments!

Feel the adrenaline rush you get from being outside viewing how the sun or the moon is just setting where you planed months before! It is awesome!

Share (facebook, twitter, export by email) your plannings with friends. Enjoy taking powerful photos with your friends. Share unique moments.

Get out there and live the picture!

Discover great places to shoot, create your own locations database. If you come across a location you’d like to remember, use PhotoPills to save it as a Point of Interest. Add descriptive photos and notes. Travel and discover more than 10.500 locations all around the globe, most of them lined to the Wikipedia.


Be the center of attention.

An opportunity to create photos nobody has taken before. Capture unseen scenes. Surprise your customers, followers and friends with your photos… Overperform and be the center of attention. (PLANNER, NIGHT AR)

Share your Plannings before you go and take the powerful photo.

Show people how you plan you shots, how you work and position yourself as a Master.


Learn and improve.

Improve, grow as a photographer, go to next level!

The perfect assistant to calculate and understand the basics: depth of field, field of view, exposure and how sun/moon behaves.

It comes with a complete User Guide to start enjoying PhotoPills from the first day.


And much more to come…


PhotoPillers are


Masters and professional/amateur photographers: nature, landscape, night, time lapse, architecture, wedding.

Filmmakers, art directors.

Cinematography and photography students.

Instagramers and iPhone photo lovers.

Sun lovers.

Moon lovers.


Perfectionists, people who love to design their images first. Control every detail!

Just everyone who loves taking pictures!

more: PhotoPills

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  1. "Que buen app y muy completo, muchas gracias Gus!"

    Paco April 30, 2013 18:19:35

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