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Program Startrail for Mac and Windows

March 21, 2013



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Many times when we do a Startrail, where there is much light pollution, and make the exposure, for example 60 minutes or so, and we can not do it in one take, maybe we have to do it in 60 shots a minute, that depends the test measurement we have done previously. When we have the correct exposure, in this case said 60 shots a minute, we have to schedule our wireless trigger to do the 60 shots one minute. During exposure must always be checking the lens because fogging and moisture should be cleaned with a special cloth for lenses. Once you've done all the shots and know that all is well, we go home we checked the shots and here comes the issue, as we join?, A program for Windows called Startrail and for Mac called Startax, these programs are very simple to use, you add all the photos and join the program and formed your Startrail really well.



Muchas veces cuando queremos hacer un Startrail, donde hay mucha contaminacion luminica, y realizamos la exposicion, por ejemplo de 60 minutos , mas o menos,y no podemos realizarla en una toma, tenemos que realizarla quizas en 60 tomas de un minuto, eso depende de la medicion de prueba que hemos hecho anteriormente. Cuando ya tenemos la exposicion correcta, en este caso dije de 60 tomas de un minuto, tenemos que programar nuestro disparador inalambrico para que haga las 60 tomas de 1 minuto. Durante la exposicion siempre hay que ir chequeando el lente porque con la humedad se empaña y hay que limpiarlo con un paño especial para objetivos. Una vez que hemos hecho todas las tomas y sabemos que todo esta bien, nos vamos a casa chequeamos las tomas y aqui viene el tema, como lo unimos?, existe un porgrama para windows llamado Startrail y para mac Startax, estos programas son muz sencillos de usar, se agregan todas las fotos y el programa los unes y asi veras formado tu startrail.


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  1. "Grandios Gus!"

    Mark March 24, 2013 23:45:08
  2. "Muchas gracias muy buen aporte."

    Paco March 25, 2013 11:20:25
  3. "Thank you so much!"

    Steven Kopper April 8, 2013 23:18:35
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    Hiroshi April 12, 2013 18:28:25
  5. "Just wanted to say hi, just vstiied your blog, very interesting stuff, I'm very interested in child psychology (I have a 14 months old), and look forward to following you. Just recently started a blog myself about the education of taste (am a French expat living in LA), and using food as a wonderful teaching tool, as I'm learning on this journey "

    Taliana April 15, 2013 6:28:36
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