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Light Art Photography by Gus Mercerat




Next edition of my photo on Artists Wanted New York, USA

August 25, 2012

ArtistsWanted from New York, USA, has chosen this photo: Strong Soul, for publication in the Book Exposure, Thank you!


ArtistsWanted de Nueva York, USA, ha elegido esta foto entre muchísimos fotografos del mundo, Strong Soul, para ser publicado en su libro: Exposure, Muchas gracias!




Strong Soul by Gus Mercerat

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  1. "Guau! muchas noticias ne poco tiempo, felicidades gus!"

    Marco Leal August 25, 2012 20:25:05
  2. "Congratulations Gus, that is good news!"

    Jörg Machmann August 25, 2012 20:32:52
  3. "Congrats Gus!"

    Jens Müller August 25, 2012 20:33:56
  4. "Felicidades Gus!"

    Valeria Torcuato August 25, 2012 21:24:26
  5. "Toda la felicidad del mundo par ti, Gus, besos."

    Maria Becker August 25, 2012 21:50:15
  6. "Complimenti Gus!!!"

    Giovanna Petreuccelli August 25, 2012 22:03:54
  7. "que bueno Gus, cuanta felicidad me da que te vaya bien, felicitaciones!"

    Marta August 25, 2012 23:32:38
  8. "

    Thanks your everyone! muchas gracias a todos!


    Gustavo Mercerat August 25, 2012 23:47:35
  9. "Muy Buena Gus, te felicito!"

    Pilar Hondo August 27, 2012 12:46:48
  10. "Congrats Gus!


    Melissa August 30, 2012 0:43:08
  11. "Thats is crazy man! congrats!"

    James Oankenfold August 30, 2012 13:33:07
  12. "very nice and Congrats!"

    Frank September 3, 2012 16:48:11
  13. "Buena cholo!"

    Joel September 6, 2012 14:25:05
  14. "Congrats!"

    Peter October 8, 2012 16:00:14
  15. "You are an excellent pgoaohrtpher. The nobles family are a beautiful family. Bailey should become a model. But what makes her beautiful is not so much her outter beauty, but her inner beauty is the trademark. She works so well with children and anyone needs a helping had she is first to extend it. Ella"

    Marc October 14, 2012 9:04:30
  16. "lieber gus, meinen ganz herzlichen glückwunsch, hut ab!"

    torsten hansen October 20, 2012 19:11:32
  17. "Thanks for writing, yes the blue dress she has is aminazg. I know that she got it custom made in India. If you are planning on going to India I am sure one of the shops can make you a similar dress. I hope that helps."

    Chefe September 1, 2015 23:03:29

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